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We found this in our former president’s office. This is all that’s left behind. It’s over. The fight for fairness in journalism award giving is over.

Apparently this is the last photo of the man we knew as “Stephen Forbeck.” He was boarding a plane to Barbados? 

This is all happening so fast. 

The Onion is reporting this breaking news. We’re all stunned. This can’t be true.

Just got back to the AFAJP office and this is all we found. The place is deserted. Not sure what’s going on, but we’ll post any updates.

We’ve been posting a lot of videos from high-profile names, but let’s not forget that AFAJP really started with everyday Americans uniting in the name of getting The Onion a Pulitzer Prize.

While we’re greatly appreciative of Tom Hanks, Ira GlassGlenn Beck, and all the other celebrities who’ve spoken out, it’s important to remember that an auto mechanic in Michigan, a mother in Illinois, a teenager in California, and a police officer in Arizona (above) are just as much apart of bringing fairness to the world of journalism award-giving. 

Conservatives and liberals continue to unite as one behind a cause far larger than political bickering. Radio host and author Laura Ingraham adds yet another voice to the growing AFAJP army. 

Grover Norquist knows what it’s like to fight a for one’s ideals. He’s now backing a cause even more significant than tax reform.

Neil deGrasse Tyson dedicates his life to contemplating the grandest mysteries in the universe, but nothing baffles him more than the decision-making process of the Pulitzer Board.

Media personality and longtime champion of logic, grace, and fair award-giving Glenn Beck supports the AFAJP cause.

AFAJP President Stephen Forbeck was interviewed by ABC Nightly News. While the reporter seems to be taking this grave and important issue a little less seriously than our own Mr. Forbeck, it nonetheless proves two things:

1. We have a cool, stoic, and determined leader.

2. The word about AFAJP is truly spreading. People are watching. Now is the time to change the journalism-award-giving future. 

Host of Marketplace Tech Report, John Moe touches on The Onion's oft-overlooked science and technology coverage. It just goes to show that a bastion of truth such as The Onion can reach people in any countless number of ways. 

Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus has millions of fans that will do anything he says. Just something for the Pulitzer Board to keep in mind should they choose to deny The Onion yet again.

Now this is how you take a Pulitzer Prize-deserving photograph. 

Josh Malina, star of West Wing, who’s always a delight to watch on screen—especially when he’s campaigning for an Onion Pulitzer.

This madness has to end! Our most loyal followers can’t fend off the nightmares much longer.